Don’t fool yourself girl, if you want a wedding that looks good on Insta, it’s going to cost money. Now I’m not talking mega bucks, but you can’t cut corners. All those photos you see on Insta and in magazines where the room and people look great, they probably had professionals involved. That’s why you need a stylist who is an expert and does this sort of thing for a living.

Many brides make the mistake of thinking they can do a lot of their wedding styling and planning by themselves. You can, but it will probably take you three times as long, you’re unlikely to get a great result and it may in fact end up costing you more. There are so many things that go into making a room look great, to making the day run smoothly and ending up with that professional look. It’s a lot more than ordering flowers and a few dresses. Also it’s way more stressful if you try do it yourself. And trust me, you do not want more pressure in the lead up and on the actual day. Have you thought about table decorations, place settings, name tags, printed menus, placards, table arrangements… The list is endless.

So my advice is to you is, hire a professional to plan and style your wedding. Look at their Insta to see what work they’ve done to choose one. Then the only thing you’ll have to do on your wedding day is smile, say “I do” and post few awesome looking pics.