So you want an Insta worthy wedding GF?

Don’t fool yourself girl, if you want a wedding that looks good on Insta, it’s going to cost money. Now I’m not talking mega bucks, but you can’t cut corners. All those photos you see on Insta and in magazines where the room and people look great, they probably had...

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Why do I need an event planner and stylist for my wedding day?

A common mistake made by the bride and groom is to do some of the tasks involved in planning and executing the day themselves. Why is this a mistake you ask? How hard can it be to order some flowers, table decorations, place cards etc and ensure a memorable day for everyone? Surely I can do this, I can call three florists and sift through multitude of websites looking at different designs and contact numerous outlets to check prices. Why do I need to pay someone do these seemingly easy tasks?

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